Friendship Mass Choir CDs



                                                      1. Radah (Dominion In The Valley)
                                                      2. King Of Kings
                                                      3. I Live To Give You Glory
                                                      4. Psalms 95
                                                      5. The Will Of God
                                                      6. Just Praising The Lord
                                                      7. Lord Of Lords
                                                      8. Jesus Paid It All
                                                      9. Victory
                                                      10. Walking In The Spirit


                                                            1. Clapping My Hands
                                                            2. Jesus Is a Friend
                                                            3. Lift Me up
                                                            4. My Praise
                                                            5. Nobody but God
                                                            6. The Word
                                                            7. Victory Is Mine
                                                            8. Wash Me
                                                            9. Wave It Away
                                                            10. Things Are About to Get Better
                                                            11. Living for Jesus

Pastors: Dr. Art & Jacqueline Wooten
Christian Fellowship Church
7895 Mission Grove Parkway South Suite C
(cross street Trautwein)

, California 92508
(951) 780-7008

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type in
“Just Praising The Lord” and "Wave It Away"
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